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  • Apis Technical Training (www.apis.com) - Apis Technical Training is one of the world's leading technology training companies to the mobile industry. Our consistent quality and renowned training methods have taken us to customers in Europe, the Middle East, North America, South America, Caribbean, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Apis' competence building programs are based on research of the latest 3GPP, ETSI and IETF standards to meet the needs and expectations of our customers. We provide in-depth technical courses about 2G/GSM, 3G/UMTS and 4G/EPS technologies as well as hands-on planning, optimisation and troubleshooting courses. ( . . . )
  • Maravedis (www.maravedis-bwa.com) - Maravedis is a premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services focusing on 4G and broadband wireless technologies (including LTE, WiMAX, femtocells, core and backhaul networking, chipsets, radios and related devices) as well as industry regulations and market trends. ( . . . )
  • Mind Commerce (www.mindcommerce.com) - The Mind Commerce ® provides customized research, consulting, training, and writing services for the telecommunications and IT industry. ( . . . )
  • IDATE (www.idate.org) - IDATE is one of Europe’s foremost market analysis and consulting firms, whose mission is to provide assistance in strategic decision-making for its clients in the Telecom, Internet and Media industries. ( . . . )
  • Wireless Intelligence (www.wirelessintelligence.com) - Wireless Intelligence is part of GSM Media LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of GSMC Limited, the organisation behind the GSMA Mobile World Congress and GSMA Mobile Asia Congress. The GSM Association (GSMA) is a global trade association representing more than 700 GSM mobile phone operators across 217 territories and countries of the world. GSM Media is based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and is responsible for not only Wireless Intelligence but also Mobile Business Briefing and the official Show Daily news publications at GSMA's events. ( . . . )



  • 3GPP (www.3GPP.org) - The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a collaboration between groups of telecommunications associations, to make a globally applicable third-generation (3G) mobile phone system specification within the scope of the International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 project of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). 3GPP specifications are based on evolved Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) specifications. 3GPP standardization encompasses Radio, Core Network and Service architecture. ( . . . )
  • 4G Americas (www.4gamericas.org) - 4G Americas unites mobile operators and manufacturers in the Americas to provide a single voice to represent the GSM family of wireless technologies – GSM, EDGE, HSPA and LTE. ( . . . )
  • CDG - CDMA Development Group (www.cdg.org) - The CDMA Development Group (CDG), founded in December 1993, is an international consortium of companies who work together to lead the growth and evolution of advanced wireless telecommunication systems. The CDG is comprised of service providers, infrastructure manufacturers, device suppliers, test equipment vendors, application developers and content providers. Its members jointly define the technical requirements for the evolution of CDMA2000 and complementary 4G systems and interoperability with other emerging wireless technologies to expand the availability of wireless products and services to consumers and businesses worldwide. ( . . . )
  • GSA - Global mobile Suppliers Association (www.gsacom.com) - organization represents mobile suppliers worldwide, engaged in infrastructure, semiconductors, devices, services and applications development, and support services. The website www.gsacom.com is used by industry professionals and organizations from 200 countries globally as a single information resource, targeted to the industry, including surveys, market/technology/subscriptions updates, information papers, GSM/EDGE-WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ network deployments, devices availability, applications/services, operator case studies, success stories, and latest developments in the evolution to LTE/SAE including LTE network operator commitments. GSA advises governments, administrations and policy-makers on optimum conditions for market development. Briefings are given to media and analysts. Additional resources and opportunities are available for member companies. The New Ventures Program assists start-up wireless application developers to assist access to the global market. Fixed and mobile network operators are supported in the Operators Zone, and through practical information-sharing activities including the GSA Mobile Broadband Forum. ( . . . )
  • The Femto Forum (www.femtoforum.org) - Our strategic goal is global recognition of femto technologies as the de facto solution for mobile coverage in the home and to drive worldwide take-up of such technologies. ( . . . )
  • VoLGA Forum (www.volga-forum.com) - The VoLGA Forum was initiated to specify and promote an approach for extending traditional GSM and UMTS circuit-switched services over LTE access networks. Based on the existing 3GPP Generic Access Network (GAN) standard, VoLGA technology will enable mobile subscribers to receive a consistent set of voice, SMS (and other circuit-switched) services as they transition between GSM, UMTS and LTE access networks. ( . . . )
  • GSMA VoLTE Initiative (www.gsmaworld.com) - The GSMA VoLTE (Voice over LTE) initiative was formally announced on 15th February 2010. In establishing the VoLTE initiative, GSMA has adopted the work of the One Voice Initiative* as the basis of the work to lead the global mobile industry towards a standard way of delivering voice and messaging services for Long-Term Evolution (LTE). Using IP Multimedia Subsystem specifications developed by 3GPP as its basis, GSMA have expanded upon the original scope of One Voice work to address the entire end-to-end voice and SMS ecosystem by also focussing on Roaming and Interconnect interfaces, in addition the interface between customer and network. ( . . . )